Welcome to Mourne Fishbox and to the freshest fish and shellfish you will ever enjoy.

boatBased in Kilkeel Harbour, looking out to the Irish Sea and at the foot of the famous Mourne Mountains, our business is driven by freshness, quality and customer service.

As a Mourne Fishbox customer you can be sure that the produce you receive will have been dispatched to you within just hours of it landing in Kilkeel Harbour; coupled with our express courier service that means that every Fishbox represents ‘fresh from the sea’ delivery straight to your door.

We know our fish. Mourne Fishbox is a division of Mourne Seafoods – a major supplier of fresh fish and seafood to the restaurant and hotel sector throughout Ireland. As always, quality and freshness has been the key to our success in supplying many of the country’s top chefs with produce bought directly from our local fishing boats and for more exotic species from fish markets further afield.

Whether it’s for every day dining or special occasion entertaining we have a Mourne Fishbox to suit your taste and your budget. We have even put together some recipe suggestions for each of our boxes.

Go on…..discover the flavour of truly fresh fish today.

We are committed to helping sustain the fishing industry in the Irish Sea and the fleet of Kilkeel. We buy local whenever possible and any waste from our fish processing operation is used by local fishermen as bait for crab and lobster pots. Our fishermen maintain the highest ethical standards focussing on quality, sustainability and the protection of the natural environment. In doing so we are all helping to ensure the enjoyment of local seafood for generations to come.