You know that fish is good for you and you’re ready to eat more of it at home. Some people have a fear of cooking fish but contrary to what you might think, it is actually quite simple to do.

Fish have naturally tender flesh, so they need very little preparation and cooking. Fish can be cooked in several ways, but the one thing to be careful of is overcooking.  There are some simple dos and don’ts to remember.





Do keep an eye on it

In general, fish only needs a few minutes of heat on each side to cook. Oil-coated fillets can be pan seared for just 2-3 minutes on each side. When grilling, a moderately thick fillet won’t even need to be flipped. If you’re following a recipe take note of the recommended cook time so that your fish doesn’t turn out too dry (perfectly cooked fish is moist).

Do know what to look for

Perfectly cooked fish is opaque with milky white juices and flakes and comes away from the bone easily; undercooked fish resists flaking, is translucent and has clear juices; overcooked fish looks dry and falls apart into thin pieces.

Don’t stress about prep

Fish is extremely versatile, and the more mild-tasting the fish is, the more flexibility it has in the kitchen. If step-by-step recipes aren’t your thing or seem overwhelming, simply season the fish with the spices and rubs you already have in your cupboard, or just a little oil, salt and pepper go a long way.


Convenient Cooking

Your Fishbox will also contain some recipe leaflets for cooking ideas and new to the box is a microwaveable and ovenable Fish Bag.  All types of fish can be cooked in this bag which allows it to cook in its own juices to enhance the flavour and texture. Once the fish has been sealed in, the next time you have to touch the product is when it is on your plate. The bag is fully sealed so there are no lingering smells or mess when you cook and even when microwaving you do not need to pierce the product.

The bag comes with full cooking instructions on the outside so all you have to do is follow them for a perfect fish meal.

Why not add ingredients, sauces or vegetables before you cook so that you can keep all your flavours in to make a perfect meal. The bags are the perfect way to cook healthy tasty food in the fishes own oils.