Jenny Bristow

“As a champion of local produce it is truly a delight when I discover a new business supplying high quality produce to the local market and that’s exactly what Harold and Lisa, and the team at, are doing by bringing the finest Kilkeel Harbour landed fresh fish, delivered straight to our doors and our kitchens!

I cannot speak highly enough of my own personal Mourne Fishbox experience.

A number of people had mentioned the business to me and so I very much wanted to try it for myself. Having recently launched my Cooking School I recognised that being able to buy fresh fish on-line and have it delivered straight to your home would be a very welcome resource for the busy cook.

I never recommend a business unless I have checked it out fully for myself so I set about visiting to see exactly what was on offer. Immediately I was impressed with the variety of fish available and at the very clever way in which different species of fish and shellfish had been grouped together to create special combination fishboxes. I was planning to use my fishbox in one of my Cookery Masterclasses so I chose one which contained cod fillets, smoked haddock fillets and a fish pie/chowder mix. At a cost of £30.50 which includes free delivery for 2kg of fresh, filleted fish, I considered this to be a very good price. My choice made, a quick journey through the on-line checkout process and with a click of the mouse my order was placed. According to the website I would receive my fish within 48 hours.

Less than 36 hours later my fishbox arrived, an insulated polystyrene box with the filleted fish presented in individual vacuum packs and the chowder mix in a polystyrene bowl all kept cold during transport by a chilled gel pack. I was immediately impressed with the presentation. I was planning to use the fish immediately but if I had been planning to freeze it the fish was already ideally packaged for putting straight in to the freezer.

And when I opened the vacuum packs to inspect the fish I was immediately struck by the freshness of the fillets and the mix. With the demise of so many fish shops it really is difficult to get genuinely fresh fish locally with many of our supermarkets having to rely on frozen fish in order to guarantee supply. Not anymore. I can honestly say that the fish in my Mourne Fishbox was as fresh a fish as I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy and later that day the students at my Masterclass all agreed. We were able to create some delicious dishes including one of my favourites Crispy Cod Cakes with Lime Salsa. With fish this fresh cooking really is a pleasure.

I am delighted to recommend Mourne Fishbox. Whether you are looking to cook delicious, healthy meals for your family or are an ambitious cook who likes to impress at the dinner party table, Mourne Fishbox makes putting fresh fish on the menu a pleasure. The freshest, expertly prepared and filleted fish ordered on-line and delivered to your door – how could you beat it!”

Jenny Bristow