Butter Poached Hake with Mussels, Orange and Green Peppercorn, New Potato, Roast Onion and Sea Herbs

By Chef Eddie Attwell, Great British Menu 2016 and 2017


Hake portion



Orange Zest

Orange Juice

White wine





Green peppercorns



1: Remove the skin from the hake portion

2: In a hot pan, colour the skin side of the flesh, transfer to the butter bath (keep the butter around 55 degrees celcius)

3: Allow to cook through – approx 12 minutes



1: In a hot pan add shallots, garlic, thyme and peppercorns along with the mussels and orange zest, shortly after add wine and orange juice to cover.

2: Cover the pot and allow to steam

3: Once the mussels have opened, pass the sauce from the pan and reserve the mussel meat.

4: Reduce the mussel stock to a glaze, add the cream, when it boils add the milk and take off the heat (use half the amount of milk to cream to lighten the sauce.)

5: To serve, reheat the mussels in a little of the sauce, in another pane bring the sauce to a gentle simmer then aerate with a stick blender.


Roast Onion:

1:Cut the baby onions in half through the root.  Place down in a hot dry pan and allow the onions to take on as much colour as possible, when colour is reached add a little water and salt to steam them then wrap until ready to serve.

2:Peel the centre shells from the onions to place on the dish, transfer the rest of the onion to a pan and pour over a little cream.

3:Bake in the oven for approx 25 minutes then transfer to a blender for a smooth puree.

Sea Herbs:

1: Make a simple butter emulsion – 2 parts water, 1 part butter

2: Allow to simmer and drop the sea herbs into the solution for approx 10 seconds, pat dry on paper towel and garnish dish.